Relife Holistic Coaching for Managers

Energy Mgt

In order to make fire we need fuel, but it is our responsibility to use this energy at the fullest.
Relife offers you an holistic approach to find a perfect balance and using this energy to feed your mind and body so that you will have a full understanding of all your energy making activities and loosing or draining energy activities. Listening to your body is a absolute priority to avoid burnouts.
Everything we need is within ourselves (knowledge, consciousness, awareness and competences) but without perfect Energy Management it is worthless and we cannot achieve happiness which is the ultimate goal of life.

Relife works together with "Implementation Executives" - an exclusive network from the best Interim Managers and Executives who understand "the Power of Values" and outperform in "Full Engagement" - they are trained by Relife on managing their Energy and not time to achieve high performance as well for themselves as for their teams. Balance in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy is the guarantee for exceptional results which makes the difference for their clients.
Please contact Gisela Baeyens if you want to join this network in order to "energise" yourself, your customers and/or employers.

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