Relife Holistic Coaching for Managers

Holistic Approach

When I started in 1996 in the HR world with 3W Direct Management Solutions I became a career coach for as well the Interim Manager as for our Customers.
My main activities where helping companies to find the right competences and to convince high potential managers to start as a freelancer to offer their services with a guaranteed Return on Investment.
I helped hundreds of clients and more than 5000 Managers to achieve their goals.
Nevertheless I forgot to pay attention at the most important part of human beings: the human body.
When I became sick in 2006 due to a burnout I realized that mind & body has to be in balance or results are not long lasting. At this point in my life I actively learned the holistic coaching and today I have developed an unique
methodology to help people in realizing their dream by listening to both their body and mind.

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