Relife Holistic Coaching for Managers

Holistic coaching breaks

Beginning 2014 I started holistic coaching breaks in Belgium (Edegem & Malvoisin) and in Portugal the Silvercoast (Nazaré & Serra Pescaria) as well in Faro Region (Fuseta at Del Mar Village), with my wife Viviane responsible for the practical organisation.
You can propose your dates and we'll organise a tailor-made Holistic short break (2 or 3 nights) especially for you:
Holistic Coaching Breaks with results:
1) For 1 or 2 persons - 3 days (2 nights) 
a) Edegem (Antwerp - Belgium)
b) Malvoisin (Ardennes - Gedinne - Belgium)
2) For 1 or 2 persons - 3 days (2 nights) 
a) Nazaré (Silvercoast - Portugal)
b) Fuseta (Algarve - Portugal)
3) For 4 persons - 4 days (3 nights) 
a) Malvoisin (Ardennes - Gedinne - Belgium)
4) For 4 to 6 persons - 4 days (3 nights) 
a) Serra Pescaria (Silvercoast - Portugal)
Prices from: 100 Euro / Person / Night - Ex. Transport - Ex. VAT
Including vegetarian meals (breakfast and dinner)
Extra: Coaching: 125 Euro/hr. - Massage 70 Euro/hr. - Ex. VAT - Trips: on request

What can you expect?:
1) Knowing yourself better and your partner or other team members
2) Discussing your daily management and/or private problems moderated by Walter Bauwens
3) Finding solutions for all strategical issues of your company and/or private life
4) Detailed road map for the future with a concrete action plan - private/professionally or both
5) How to increase your energy - energy management exercises private and for your team
6) Leisure activities - depending on the location and period of the year - detailed info on request

Power coaching to release your inner-flow:  

An unique 10 steps methodology which is helping every manager to deal with stress, high workload, focus, decision making and people management

Given by Walter Bauwens who has built an HR company in a few years and selected hundred of managers and who became 5 years ago an holistic coach

1) Measuring your actual energy level and understanding your roles, vision of life and your degree of happiness professionally and private
2) Blue print of your professional & private life - what do you have already achieved and what are your intentions for the next 3 till 5 years
3) Listing all your activities (professional & private) and rating them for using or giving energy and or happiness
4) Understanding your own profile and that from your peers and family members
5) Brainstorming session for improving your life on a micro and macro level 
6) Developing a vision, strategy and action points for achieving happiness and flow in your daily life
7) Establish a project plan in line with point 6 
8) Setting up a communication plan to inform your network and relatives 
9) Implementing of all new steps 
10) Evaluating and adjusting 

Points 1 to 8 are included in the Holistic breaks on location as well introduction to the tools for relaxation 
Point 9 and 10 are right after the holistic breaks on demand and ongoing at a cost 125 Euro/hr. (ex. VAT)


Relife Algarve

In March 2016 we spent 4 days in Fuseta in the Algarve with Walter and Viviane.   This stay was part of our coaching programme that had already been started by Walter in Belgium in an attempt to conquer Luc’s burnout.

It was a unique overall experience! In these beautiful surroundings we were immersed in a world of yoga, walks, massage, coaching talks (both about the past and the present) that were very profound and for which we took all necessary time.

We arrived there without a fixed plan for the future and we left as new people that were freer, with an open mind and a heart ready to accept what may come.

Walter is a warm-hearted, hospitable man with an enormous empathy, a profound human insight and a lot of good advice!  He has a rich experience in the world of business and industry and he is a super coach, exactly the person we needed!

Of course we shouldn’t forget Viviane, who creates a cosy atmosphere and provides delicious food in a very beautiful apartment she has lovingly furnished herself.  Her tasty breakfast and her vegetarian meals (always prepared with great care) contributed a great deal to our feeling at home immediately with them!  Together Walter and Viviane created a unique atmosphere that has made a deep and lasting impression on us! 

The four of us have taken a lot of walks (our hosts know magnificent sites in the immediate surroundings).  We made some cycling tours, went out eating at typical local restaurants, we laughed a lot, did some yoga and meditation exercises, and of course there was a lot of talking too … ;)

Really everything we needed for a complete relaxation of our body and our mind.  The four days passed by far too quickly!  We are enormously grateful to both Walter and Viviane for giving us the opportunity to experience their view of life.  No doubt we will benefit from this as a couple in the future!

Thanks, Walter and Viviane, for this wonderfully balanced programme in really magnificent surroundings.

Highly recommended to couples who want to spend some time on thinking about the deeper meaning of life!


"Each month I'm looking forward to the monthly coaching session with Walter.
As CEO of a company in transformation, it very often is lonesome at the top. Nevertheless I'm supposed to always give guidance to everybody.
Using his personal network Walter succeeded in providing practical suggestions for the challenges I'm facing and simultaneously he assisted me as personal coach.

Privately I experienced a lot of benefit by Walter's holistic approach program I attended in Portugal (Algarve). 
Both professionally as well as privately I made a big step forward"

CEO from an important Belgian company with more than 3000 Employees

Relife Belgium

I have been seeking holistic coaching from Walter since 2015. For both careers and personal growth. Walter is an experienced coach who provides solid advices and thorough analysis. He has exceptional ability to pin point the heart of the problems for me, to come up with solutions to resolve crisis I am in.
The most important part of the consultation with Walter is the unquestioned devotion and I can trust him to keep my issues confidential. He is a good friend to talk to. He is a reliable individual who can send you radiants and positive energies.

Don't miss a great opportunity to spend time with Walter.


Relife Silvercoast

Unexpectedly I was invited for a yoga retreat in Portugal. Surrounded with a lot of warmth, this experience was so fantastic that ultimately, 3 months after the first retreat I went back, and this time with personal coaching included.
The conversations and insights gave me as a person the possibility to grow. This was done with a great respect for my own development pace.
Insights were friendly offered, and this in many different ways such as yoga, spending quality time together, endless conversations, healthy veggie food. I was thought to trust on my own soul that knows and especially feels what is right for me. You may be your true self without being judged.
Every time I got (each time from a different perspective), again the advantage to reinforce myself.
I was no longer helpless but rather self-caring, no longer hurt but vulnerable, no longer small but humble.
Ready to step into the world with a steady open and amazing glance. Ready to have more light shining in the world.
I'm thankful for the guidance of Walter to let me grow in the journey that started in 2016.


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