Relife Holistic Coaching for Managers


A step by step approach with the following themes will be treated in depth:

First s
tep: A basic program: 10 hours.

1) Analysis of the actual situation and setting the goals
a) SWOT analysis
b) Energy and/or vitality index
c) Understanding of physical and mental blockages
d) How to use your competences with a high efficiency and effectiveness 

2) Determination of the methodologies to follow and initiation
a) Body & Mind Balance
b) Mindfulness
c) Yoga and/or Meditation
d) Massage

3) Deepening and learning of active relaxation exercises
a) Breathing exercises
b) Scanning of the body and consciousness relaxation
c) Understanding the functioning of the mind and how we obtain stress
d) Letting go the mind and minimize negative thoughts 

Draw up a personalized program for energy management
a) Integrate in your daily lives the methods described under 2) and 3)
b) Career coaching Module
c) Life coaching Module
d) How to restore quickly energy leaks? 

5) Evaluation / Adjustments + practical manual referring to the reintegration into the active company life 
a) Critical evaluation towards the results
        b) Adjustment of personalized program if necessary
        c) Building a renewed trust towards yourself regarding your unique competences
        d) Detailled roadmap for the next year to guarantee a permanent recovery 

Second step: Applying your new learned skills: 4 hours.

6) Step by step practical action plan private life
a) What to do? List the actions in comparison with your roadmap - daily Yoga & Meditation
b) How? Looking for sponsors and other people to help you
c) When? Daily, weekly and monthly timeframe - Commitment 
d) Make it happen - Using a Sankalpa (Yoga Nidra)

7) Step by step practical action plan 
professional life
a) What to do? Mission, Strategy & Actions  
        b) How? Service offering - Building your own website - Mapping the networks 
        c) When? Daily, weekly and monthly timeframe - Commitment 
        d) Make it happen - Looking for a sponsor or sparring partner

Third step:
 Your coach becomes your sparring partner: 2 hours/month.

Monitoring the actions and realigning your life towards the original intentions
a) Happiness index - Work/Life Balance
        b) Discussions about the barriers to overcome
        c) Adjustments in the professional & private life 
        d) Integration of the practical learnings in your daily life

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