Relife Holistic Coaching for Managers


First step: A basic program is 10 hours.
5 modules of 2 hrs. each (see methodology)
Second step: Applying your new learned skills is 4 hours.
2 modules of 2 hrs. each (see methodology)
Third step: Your coach becomes your sparring partner is 2 hours/month.
1 module of 2hrs. every month (see methodology)

Price/hr. is 125 Euro (ex VAT)
Once you subscribed for the 10 hours program you pay only 110 Euro/hr. (ex VAT)
Transportation is 0,5 Euro/km

Distance coaching online (like Skype, mail etc..), tel. - network sharing - document (contract or CV) readings - preparations - recommendations - preparation of letters and or e-mails etc.. is 30 Euro/15 min. 
(always with slots of 15 min. - timesheet will be provided)

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